Educational Proposals

In cooperation with the State of Hessen´s Agency for Political Education, the Active Museum organizes discussions with witnesses of persecution, Holocaust survivors as well as other victims of the Nazis, and also with persons who belonged to the resistance or who opposed the Nazi ideology. This opportunity to confront the past is being offered to schools and institutions involved in Youth Work.


The Active Museum also provides special teaching materials on German-Jewish history, and assists in preparing related school projects and study days. Study programs for different age groups are designed in cooperation with teachers. Learning to think critically and independently is the best way to prevent such a catastrophe from ever happening again.

A large specialized library and the archives of the Active Museum Center are available to school children and students. The Center assists in planning trips to the sides of former concentration camps.

In addition, the knowledge transmitted about Jewish history and culture helps counteract the prejudice and the development of Anti-Semitic stereotypes. Typical questions such as “Were all the Jews rich?” are addressed as well as present-day resentments and existing Anti-Semitic attitudes.

The Active Museum is accredited by the Board of Education of the State of Hesse to improve teacher training and teacher’s knowledge regarding these historical and contemporary topics.