Exhibitions and Library

Three to four annual exhibitions are offered in the building at 11 Spiegelgasse,  accompanied by lectures, readings, discussions and musical performances.

At City Hall, a special commemoration room presents various exhibitions dealing with German-Jewish history during the Nazi regime. A virtual reconstruction of the Main Synagogue destroyed in 1938 attracts great interest.

Every year, a Jewish Seminar (“Jüdisches Lehrhaus”) is offered in cooperation with prominent rabbis or Jewish scholars to acquaint a broad public with the Jewish religion and traditions. The seminars are held in the Jewish Community Center as well as in a Church Center. Continued public interest has made this yearly seminar one of the best attended events of the Active Museum.

We also present once a year Days of Public Dialogue (“Dialogtage”). They provide a forum to discuss contemporary aspects of Wiesbaden’s Jewish history, Jewish culture and to explore ways and methods of commemoration and remembrance in a changing society.

The specialized library of the Active Museum contains nearly 6000 works on all subjects of Jewish history. The library’s main emphasis is the history of the Holocaust, the history of National Socialism and German-Jewish history, including art and culture, religion and philosophy. Various Jewish newspapers and periodicals as well as reference works are available to users of the library.

The Active Museum’s archives are remarkable as are its photo collection, documents, interviews and films with and about the victims and survivors of persecutions.